We are dedicated to providing our clients the most cost
effective, customer oriented delivery systems available.  Our
Route and On-Demand dedicated delivery are considered
the best in the industry and we work continuously to
maintain and improve the service we deliver to our clients.  
To better serve our clients, we are excited to introduce our
Overnight Service, an overnight delivery service whose
many features include on-line tracking, P.O. number tracking
and more.  
Route Delivery - Our Route Delivery system is set up in
advance with our clients and utilizes an Independent
Contractor delivering to the same area or to the same stops
every day. Generally, Route Delivery is a same-day delivery

On-Demand Delivery - Our On-Demand Delivery System is
designed to help companies with their same day-all day
deliveries. Integrity Logistics will contract a driver to your
place of business for the entire day. This contractor will be
dedicated to our client’s business until all of the same day
stops are completed.

Overnight Delivery - Our Overnight Delivery system is
designed to assist a wide variety of clients with their delivery
needs over a large area of Southern California.  When this
system is used in conjunction with our other delivery
systems, it becomes both cost effective and time efficient.   
Integrity Logistics, LLC
New toll free #:  
(844) 683-4748
Customers can now ship a
package from their IPhone and
Use App ID: